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Why must I discover the awesome that is Marvel's Cable&Deadpool a year after the series was canceled? I don't need an even more obscure fandom to despair over. Why can't I ever be excited about the big, popular fandoms chock full of stories to read and draw *pouts*

Cable Deadpool pg1
by ~asreal01 on deviantART

Cable Deadpool pg2
by ~asreal01 on deviantART

Art: Mirror

I think I lost my art muse after moving across the US yet again :( Finally has internet again so here's an oldie (but goodie, hopefully :D)

Got wacked on the head with a complete AU while watching The Prestige. I love the Victorian/fantasy/magic thing the movie has going for it and a completely gorgeous Hugh Jackman to boot.

So here, a quick sketch.

by ~asreal01 on deviantART

The um, girl. Why yes, that is a cross-dressing James Marsden :D He's so pretty. Murder, magic, and cross-dressing, why won't my brain cooperate and come up with a plot already.

Art: Leaving

I swear, this picture was not meant to be, because I literally recolored and redrew everything atleast twice. On top of that, the compressed images I have on DA is all that is left.

The original image was huge: 19in wide. But stupid me managed to over save my original image with the downsized image at the-very-end. Thereby undoing about a week worth of work in mere seconds. I HATE MYSELF!!

Cries over the pretty.

Leaving Version1
by ~asreal01 on deviantART

Why yes, that is James Marsden's face yet again.

Leaving_Closed Up
by ~asreal01 on deviantART

Art: The Critical Eye

What?!?! A non-slash, non-yaoi piece, and a girl to boot :p I don't know why I like drawing male figures so much. After all, being female, I have a much better grasp of female anatomy than male; I have been told by many male friends that my male figures tend to be idealized at best...6 packs just doesn't look chiseled like the way I think they do.

This is mixed media piece. I think you can tell where I used watercolor (transparent) and where I used pastel (opaque). I chose a medium depending on what my preference was at the time but I don't really like the result. The different medium have different 'weight' to me and its a rather abrupt look.

The Critical Eye
by ~asreal01 on deviantART

Art: Stay or Go

Ah, this is actually an original novel cover instead of fanart. Of course, I used James as the model for the figure on the bed :p The front figure is modeled from a Dolce&Gabbana ad.

Hee, I found it slightly more intuitive to use the Pastel brush instead of Airbrush. The downside being that I need to spend more time blender the colors afterward so it takes longer to finish a piece.

This was the overall color that I wanted for a couple of pieces that I did a while back so I'm really glad that it worked out this time. I guess its a bit sad and somber but considering the original title for the piece was Rentboy... Well, I'm off to draw flowers and kitty cats now.

Stay or Go
by ~asreal01 on deviantART
I'm usually really good with technology so why is this stupid thing not working! *kicks*

My elated feeling about having posted my first fic is rapidly disappearing. I bet its because I was in the Rich text editor mode instead of HTML. *grumble, grumble*

Title: Interview Transcript #3576
Rating: can't be higher than pg13
Status: Complete
Pairing: James/Hugh RPS (sort of) and Scott/Logan
Warnings: Slight mention of non-con in passing, no attempt whatsoever at Australian accent or speech pattern, really long author note
Category: reality, movieverse, and comicverse
Summary: AU James and Hugh are being interviewed about starring in their version of the X-Men movies based on their comicverse
Disclaimer: If I use the words 'no bases in reality' and 'alternate universe' any more times, I think you'd only be able to read this story in an alternate dimension to the current dimension you currently reside in.
Special Thanks: live_louder for the awesome beta job and impromptu grammar lesson. Everything that does not make sense is entirely my brain's fault.

Er, because I couldn't figure out how to use LJ-cute (GAH!!!), have to make do with Google Doc here.


Sweet Dreams: Shawn Coon and Foxy Lassie

Eek, am pretty happy with the shading. I found that I can achieve a more 'dreamy' image by making the black more grayish.

Sweet Dreams
by ~asreal01 on deviantART


More cute

Still trying my hand at superdeform. This style is easier to draw than more realistic figures since I don't have to worry about hands (bah!) so much. Fast to draw but takes way too long to ink and color.

Shawn Coon and Foxy Lassie
by ~asreal01 on deviantART


Tried my hand at cute

Based on a scene from last week's Psych episode. I really, really can't do superdeform very well. I think the raccoon tail is awfully cute though.

Raccoon Shawn
by ~asreal01 on deviantART


Lounge Singer

At last, the final piece of my recent crazy art frenzy. I actually finished this before I went off to Mouseland but hated it then. Sure enough, 5 days later, I'm looking at it with a more appreciative eye.

What inspired this...well, I had a mental image of Hugh as an Indiana Jones-type character standing in a smoky lounge appreciating the gorgeous singer on stage (i.e. James as Corny Collins). Yeah, THAT did not happen because only Hugh's back is showing and it would be very hard to differentiate Hugh from Harrison Ford by outline alone. So I used a base photo of Hugh's character from the movie Deception, which is again, a wonderful crossover series by the talented sg_fic.

The outline of this one actually took a very long time because I had to freehand a body for Corny. I had a template for the face, but hair and body are all done freehand, though I think that the head ended up being slightly too big for the body, GAHHH!!!

Deciding on a color scheme was also a nightmare. I had wanted smoky and sparkly, both of which I can't do to save my live. So instead, everything just became dark and gray. Well, live and learn.

Lounge Singer
by ~asreal01 on deviantART

Lounge Singer Outline Edition
by ~asreal01 on deviantART